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People saying art should make sense

Wed Aug 1, 2012, 5:10 PM

And that anatomy needs to be realistic. And that women should be covered.
It's all very entertaining, but I'm tired.

Also I miss the deviant types you could choose for your profile here like "Angelina Jolie fetishist" and "antagonist".

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otakudemeiapataca Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pessoas esquecem que arte não é sobre perfeição. E sim sobre o sentir. O artista poe a si mesmo no que faz, e assim todos veem o que seus sentimentos ditam.
Spielodia Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Professional
É bem isso. Se bem que mtas vezes o artista nem põe a si mesmo porque desenha por dinheiro então faz o que o cliente quiser XD Mas as "regras" do que pode e não pode, o que é estilizado e o que é apenas má anatomia, são muito subjetivas =.='
pink-gizzy Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Art should encourage thinking.
Sense is given by the watcher and maybe sometimes it`s the same sense the artist had in mind.

About realism and anatomy: That`s imo nonsense.
What about cubism or expressionism?
Great art concepts, but not realistic.
Spielodia Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Professional
I think there's art for thinking and art for pure aesthetics. I don't look at concept and fetish art to ponder. I don't look at fanart to think, I look cause I like the characters. I rarely do "thinking" art too cause I'm not really into srs bzns so I do mostly pinups and boring portraits .-.
Dali and Giger don't make much sense either.
And when it's a cartoon people don't complain but if it has some degree of semi-realism it's suddenly necessary to be held by physics laws. I thought it was called semi-realism for a reason (and that people knew its definition varies wildly).

Sorry, I've just been bothered by comments I've been seeing around, and really regretting ever being into feminism. And sorry if you're into it but it's mostly comments that have to do with that ("women shouldn't look like sluts", "boobs can't look like that", "her clothes/armor need to make sense" that's not true, why not just admit you don't like it?). It's not ONLY that, but mostly. I need to let it go and stop giving a crap.
pink-gizzy Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I am a pinup artist and I love to draw selfconfident characters aware of their sexuality.
Had my share of prejudices and rants, because of drawing boobs.

I know what you mean by "I don`t look at fanart/fetishart etc pp to ponder".
By saying art should encourage thinking, I included this styles.
It`s hard to explain, since english isn`t my native language, but I try.
Not every art has to have a political/religious/whatever deepful meaning. But every art has a concept, a feeling, skill and technique. Even if I`m not into some fandoms, so I can think about the concept and what the picture wants to tell me about the characters, how it`s executed etc pp.
Is it just a cute picture or did the artist use different stylistic devices on purpose?
What about the color sheme etc pp?

People can/should reflect about nude art. When is it pron? When is it artistic?

Ignore people who drag you down with such nonsense comments.
Was hard for me, too. But it`s harder to fight them.
They don`t understand because they are unwilling little trolls. ;)
Spielodia Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Professional
I can understand you, and english isn't my native language too so no worries.
I get what you mean too, yeah many of those things you mentioned are what I try to think of when I give someone a comment, they can be great and constructive. But I think it's different from dissecting something like it needs to have some message about life (and people) or it needs to be functional, realistic, make sense etc, and otherwise it's bad and shouldn't be done .-. It's like a "popcorn movie" that you only enjoy for the explosions and laughs, those movies aren't bad just cause they don't offer something intellectual.

It's really good to talk to someone who understands, you know?

I'd hope they were all trolls, it'd be easier. But I think a lot of them mean what they say and just can't see things from a different perspective. I believe some have good intentions but are judgemental and hypocritical, because it gives them an ego boost.
These people either believe they aren't intolerant, because they're so righteous, or don't care about how intolerant they are and how that can make the things they preach look bad, because they think being righteous is more important.

My problem is I have this strong tendency to get argumentative.
And like that saying goes “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig”, is changing someone's mind worth the stress? At times I act like it is, and that I need to speak out, and that I need to care, but it just leaves me with stress. Just because they believe in speaking out and changing people's minds it doesn't mean it's a good thing for me to do too. I need to stop wasting time on negativity.

I think I'm not making much sense, I'm sorry D: But thank you so much for the talk.
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